Household gardening to be promoted in Orkhon aimag

2019-03-13 11:57:50

Orkhon /MONTSAME/. The Mongolian Vegetable Project funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation will be implemented in Bayan-Undur soum of Orkhon aimag. In the frameworks of the project, land is to be allocated to a target group in Yarguit and Govil baghs to create a model street.

Necessary seeds, fertilizer and tools will also be given to the citizens living in the model street alongside giving a greenhouse to four households for quarter of its original price and solving the issue of drinking water as well as the water for the garden by digging a well.

Noting that the project’s aims are to improve the livelihood of households in the target group and reduce poverty, the project team reported that one kindergarten and one school have been selected to become an Eco School and Kindergarten, through which the children will be taught how to grow vegetables.