‘Non-infected’ art installation exhibition opens

Art & Culture
2019-04-08 18:15:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A joint exhibition titled ‘Non-infected’ by artist couple A.Ochirbold and E.Khaliunaa opened at the Khan Gallery. The exhibition reveals unique installations by the artists.

Sculptor A.Ochirbold is one of few internationally renowned Mongolian artists. His statue of Mongolian horses was unveiled in Moscow as the symbol of victory in the Great Patriotic War and the sculpture ‘Consciousness’ is placed in the park of UN Headquarters in New York. The joint exhibition is the first exhibition of his wife E.Khaliunaa.

It was Khaliunaa’s idea to make installations with tumbleweed and nets. “Not everything that says non-contagious is actually non-contagious. We are all infected somehow. We get infected through all of our senses and transmit it to others. We are the infected and non-infected ones. In other words, we live in the society that makes the bad things look beautiful and the beautiful things look ugly. The tumbleweeds represent the information in digital media. There is a great deal of information, which is whether good or bad, true or false and some of which is hard to believe, is floating above us. Things are not always what they seem,” the artist noted.

Another remarkable exhibit is the iron cart by Ochirbold. The social artwork was created a year ago and made of iron scrap. Last summer, the artist made a performance art, going around a shopping mall with the cart full of khuushuur (meat pastry) and screaming ‘Free khuushuur’. With this performance he also wanted to show that things are not always what they seem.

The exhibition will be on display for free of charge until April 25.