Institute for Chinggis Khaan Research to be established

2019-04-10 19:09:14

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At the initiation of Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh, the Institute for Chinggis Khaan Research will be established at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sports. The Cabinet made this decision at its regular meeting on April 10, to intensify studies on contributions of Chinggis Khaan to the history of Mongolia and the world, culture and history of the 13th century, promote it to the international community, create environment for international scholars and researchers to conduct research in Mongolia and to make the Chinggis Khaan studies as an independent branch of Mongolian studies.

At the regular meeting, the Cabinet made the following decisions:

- Minister Ch.Khurelbaatar was obliged to address the MNT 6.5 billion financing needed for the relocation, protection of communication, electric and transmission lines and pipes along the Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan road

- Construction of 126.7 km paved road in route Bayankhongor-Altai will be implemented by ‘Max road’ under the concession agreement. The previous implementor ‘Energy Construction Company’ requested to transfer the concession rights to the company.

- Procedures on ‘Reimbursement of disaster recovery expenses to legal entities and support for the victims’ was approved

- A total of 9000 people will be able to receive the eight percent mortgage loan this year

- Minister Yo.baatarbileg was obliged to repatriate the tyrannosaurus Bataar skull which was illegally traded to the US. The US district court made a decision that the paleontological finding belongs to Mongolia.

- The Cabinet decided to organize the international competition of professional singers and traditional musicians named after State Honored Composer B.Sharav every four years.

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