Refined coal to be distributed in limited amounts

2019-05-13 13:35:52

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ ‘Let’s join forces against air and environmental pollution’ forum was held on May 10. Officials including Minister of Environment and Tourism, Governor of Ulaanbaatar city and General Secretary of National Committee on Environmental Pollution Reduction participated in the forum.

Consumption of raw coal in Ulaanbaatar is prohibited starting from May 15. In this regard, National Police Agency has set up a special unit of 58 policemen, which will monitor the raw coal import to the capital. Moreover, additional mobile police stations were established in Moringiin Davaa, Takhilt, Gachuurt and Nalaikh. As for ger area, 4604 authorized people will monitor raw coal consumption of local residents.

The refined coal will be distributed through 54 points by a special card in limited amounts. The cards are under production and will have limitations from two to six tons of coal each.  Sales of refined coal will start on June 15, with the price of MNT 150 thousand for ton.

Minister of Environment and Tourism N.Tserenbat noted that the forum gathered contractors who will monitor the implementation of raw coal consumption ban in 220 thousand households of ger area. “People should find ways to reduce heat loss, which will reduce the fuel consumption by 30 percent, according to the estimates. ‘Tavan Tolgoi Fuel’ state-owned factory was established in accordance with the government ban of raw coal consumption. The factory has produced over 60 thousand tons of refined fuel so far. It is planned to produce 600 thousand tons by the end of the year,” the Minister emphasized.

General Secretary of National Committee on Environmental Pollution Reduction Ch.Gantulga noted that about 540 individuals and entities who used to sell raw coal will be employed in the operator company. It is expected that reserves of 600 thousand tons of refined fuel will satisfy the need of ger area households in Ulaanbaatar next winter. The Government is working on funding solutions.

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