President Kh.Battulga addresses the consultation on the Value of Family

2019-05-14 18:03:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ President of Mongolia Khaltmaagiin Battulga delivered an opening speech at the consultation on the Value of Family, which was held on the occasion of the International Day of Families.

President Battulga said:

“Participants and guests of the consultation,

I am pleased that a discussion is being held on the crucial issues surrounding family, the foundation of our society and nation.

If families are whole and peaceful, children will be happy, the parents will be glad, and the nation will be harmonious. Unfortunately, not every family is in peace. Because of domestic violence, thousands of children have tears in their eyes and dejection in their hearts.

In the last three years, over 3,000 children committed crimes, and over 5,000 children became victims of crimes. Children are usually falling victims to and committing crimes of brawl, harassment, thievery, fraud, and robbery, and majority of them are aged 16-18.

Although the police organization takes regular measures and organizes many events to prevent and reduce crimes against children, we observe unsatisfactory outcome and lack of necessary resources. What is missing is cooperation between government and non-government organizations.

Starting May 1, the National Police Agency in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection started implementing the Children’s Guardian Project nationwide. The project aims to reduce the incidences of street crimes and offenses and put the vulnerable sites where children can be exposed to crimes under regular surveillance with the participation of the public. This work will engage soldiers and senior police officers on voluntary basis, and the corresponding police units will take charge of the selection process.

Meanwhile, it was reported to me that a movement named Right Reflection was also launched nationwide, to continue for the time frame of a month. The purpose of the movement is to protect the rights of children, prevent danger, adopt positive methods of upbringing, instill good morals in families, raise public awareness on family education, increase the role and responsibilities of parents, and eradicate the factors and conditions that have negative influence on child development.

The Right Reflection Movement is a manifestation of the cooperation between the Council on Coordinating Activities of Crime Prevention, the Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development, the United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Vision International, and I call for everyone’s support and participation in this movement.

Participation of each citizen is vital in keeping families and children free of crimes. Because, rather than the workers of government and non-government organizations, the people who can be closest to children with more immediacy and alertness are citizens. If every citizen can be attentive towards the safety of children around them and protect them from harm, incidences of crimes associated with families and children can be significantly reduced.

I wish success to the consultation on the Value of Family.

May every household be joyful and every child be happy."



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