Museum of Chinggis Khaan to be established

Art & Culture
2019-07-03 18:11:32

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ At its regular meeting on July 3, the Cabinet passed a resolution to establish the Museum of Chinggis Khaan and to temporarily combine the Natural History Museum with the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs.

In this regard, Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports Yo.Baatarbileg said, “A building of the Natural History Museum is out of date, so the building might collapse anytime soon. On account of this, 12 thousand exhibits are being kept in a storeroom. The museum’s exhibits will be showcased in the Central Museum of Mongolian Dinosaurs until a launch of its new building. A blueprint for Chinggis Khaan museum, which will be built on the site of current natural history museum, was introduced at today’s meeting. This museum will be a tourism attraction with all researches and studies about Chinggis Khaan. It is a historic decision that would contribute to promoting the country’s history to our younger generation, making them proud, and enlightening the public.”