National artists perform at the European Folklore Festival

Art & Culture
2019-08-08 15:38:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ For the first time, Mongolia participated in the 30th European Folklore Festival held in Neustadt in Holstein, Germany between July 26 and August 3.

More than 400 artists of 14 folk bands from 11 countries took part in the festival organized since 1951. Three generations of national performers aged between 18 and 83 including folk dancers and intangible cultural heritage artists performed at the festival.

The festival opened with a parade of traditional dance and music of various nations and continued with special performances of each country. Our performance featuring khoomei (traditional throat singing), traditional music by Boerte-Ethnic band and traditional dance such as bii biyelgee astonished the audience.  

This participation was included in the commemoration activities for the 45th anniversary of diplomatic relation between Mongolia and Federal Republic Germany by the initiation of Cultural Envoy of Mongolia O.Oyuntuya. ‘Arts and Media Project Management and Consulting NGO coordinated Mongolian participation in cooperation with Culture and Arts Authority of Mongolia, the Government implementing agency.

By the lead of brilliant performance of Boerte-Ethnic band, Mongolian folk artists promoted Mongolian culture, traditional clothes, and folklore arts in the acclaimed festival. Both parties agreed to continue Mongolia’s participation in the upcoming triennial festival.