Items found at Xiongnu burial site on display

Art & Culture
2019-08-13 14:05:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ An exhibition of items found during the excavations at the Xiongnu burial site in Bayan-Adarga soum of Khentii aimag within the ‘Mon-Sol’ scientific research project opened at the local Cultural center of Bayan-Adarga soum on August 8. 

The joint research project implemented by the Institute of History and Archaeology at the Mongolian Academy of Sciences, National Museums of Mongolia and Korea is headed by Doctor G.Eregzen. The exhibition features about 140 items found in the burial site and will be on display until August 25.

Exhibits that reveal Xiongnu burial ritual such as engraved golden plate wall of a coffin, bronze handle of coffin and fancy jade ware buried with the deceased to protect the soul are on display. 

From ancient utensils including iron and gilded bronze pots, potsherds, whetstone, cast and ceramic lantern holders to clothing ornaments, accessories such as horn hair pin, wooden comb, various beads and exquisite jewellery are also displayed at the exhibition.