No meat exports and imports during harvest to ensure stable food supply

Economy | Agriculture
2019-08-20 14:29:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. This year, a total of 361 thousand ha of land was sown, according to Ch.Ulaan, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry. Crop harvests in Bulgan, Khuvsgul, Orkhon, Arkhangai and Selenge aimags are predicted to be normal as planned. However, in some regions, including Tuv, Darkhan-Uul, Dornod, Khentii, Uvurkhangai and Uvs aimags and northern part Selenge aimag, harvests are likely to decline due to droughts and overheating. 

He further reported that to date, there is no livestock infectious diseases and zoonoses were reported. In order to maintain stable food supply, the government has decided to impose temporary export and import restrictions on strategic food, which includes heat-treated meat and meat products during this harvesting season.