504 sales points around Ulaanbaatar to sell refined fuel this winter

2019-08-27 15:29:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In accordance with a government resolution to ensure preparations for the winter season of 2019-2010, the board of directors of the Tavantolgoi Fuel company convened to deliver updates on the production of refined fuel and other preparatory measures. 

According to the company, there will be one sales point per each four hundred families and a total of 504 selling points of refined fuel will operate in Ulaanbaatar city this winter. 43 wholesale points will deliver the fuels to the retail selling points. The wholesale and retail selling points currently have a reserve of 14.3 thousand tons of refined fuel and the factory have a total of 142.9 thousand tons of fuel in its reserve. Moreover, around 560 thousand tons of raw materials for the production are collected at the factory of the company. 

It is calculated that around 220 thousand families in the Ulaanbaatar city use 1.2 million tons of fuel during the cold season each year. The Tavantolgoi Fuel company is deemed to supply 600-700 thousand tons of refined fuel, which is a sufficient amount for the consumption of the 220 thousand families.