Freight trains to bypass Mongolia increases to 900 this year

2019-08-30 12:30:03

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. As of August 26, the number of transit freight trains to travel through the territory of Mongolia reached 900, and 460 of which are south bound whereas the remaining 440 travel northward. The Ulaanbaatar Railways’ main rail road is considered as the shortest corridor connecting Asia with Europe and the freight transportation is coordinated by the Ulaanbaatar Railways JSC. Through the primary road of the Ulaanbaatar Railways from the northern border of Mongolia to the southern border, around 855 container freight trains traveled and it is expected that some 1300 trains pass through this road this year, which is 120 trains each month.

The increase of transit trains across Mongolia in the past three years is influenced by joint efforts of the Mongolia’s Ministry of Road and Transport Development and Ulaanbaatar Railways company to take advantage of the most convenient road between the continents of Asia and Europe. As Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar Railways B.Jigjidnyamaa pledged to bring the number of freight trains to transit through Mongolia to two thousand when he assumed office in 2016, the Ulaanbaatar Railways is now well on their way to fulfilling the goal.