Prime Minister works in Selenge aimag to check on crop harvesting works

Economy | Agriculture
2019-09-16 13:02:45

Selenge /MONTSAME/. Last weekend, Prime Minster of Mongolia U.Khurelsukh worked in Selenge aimag, a region of agricultural breadbasket. During his working trip, the head of the government got acquainted with the harvesting of the ‘Agro Shim’ LLC in Orkhontuul soum and the field of B.Khadbaatar, the leading farmer of Orkhon soum and irrigation system of ‘Norbu Agko’ LLC in Baruuburen soum. 

Then, he handed over high-capacity combine harvesters bought with soft loan of Vnesheconombank of Russian Federation to local farmers. Prime Minster U.Khurelsukh was accompanied with Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Ch.Ulaan, Head of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Environment, Food and Agriculture. 

The officials also visited Ugtaaltsaidam soum of Selenge aimag, where 1800 ha land has been sown with wheat, 142 ha with forage and 50 ha with oil plants. During the meeting with the PM, local farmers noted about the lack of workforce and put forward a request to increase the number of military personnel in harvesting works and involve students as well.  

It has been reported that a total of 512.0 ha land was sown countrywide, including 364.8 thousand land was planted with grains, of which 340.1 thousand ha was wheat, as well as 14.8 thousand ha was sown with potato, 8.0 thousand ha with vegetables, 82.4 thousand ha with oil, 42.0 thousand ha with fodder plants. According to preliminary harvest balance, it is expected to harvest 441.9 thousand tons of crops of which 420.0 thousand tons of wheat;176.8 thousand tons of potatoes, 91.2 thousand tons of vegetables, 38.0 thousand tons of oil plants and 80.4 thousand tons of fodder plants.

As reported by the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry, the crop growth is under normal condition nationwide, however, in some northern areas of the country, the crop yields are expected to be slightly lower because of extreme heat and drought. Regardless of the given situation, the Minister pledges to ensure uninterrupted harvesting for compliance with weather forecast and technical advisories to fully supply the domestic demands of wheat. 

Thanking for the farmers who are working hard during this harvesting season, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh informed that the wheat incentive was increased by double to reach MNT 100 thousand per ton as per requests by the farmers with a view to maintain stable price of flour, the strategic food product and to improve the wheat supply. 

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