Mongolia-US joint disaster management exercise ‘Gobi Wolf 2019’ underway

2019-09-16 15:25:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. ‘Gobi Wolf-2019’ international exercise is taking place in Dornogobi aimag between September 9 and 21. For the 8th year since 2009, the international exercise is being jointly organized by the National Emergency Management Agency, the Embassy of the United States and the United States Indo-Pacific Command.

The Gobi Wolf is aimed at enhancing abilities to respond and recover from emergency situations, disasters and hazards that occur in Mongolia, training corresponding disaster and emergency personnel and sharing experiences with experts of other countries.

The exercise has attracted a large number of participants, including more than 500 representatives from 21 countries, Mongolia, USA, Australia, Canada, France, Nepal, Turkey, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tajikistan and Vietnam as well as from UN specialized agencies, international organizations of disaster risk management operating in Mongolia, Mongolia’s National Security Council, government ministries, Inspection Agency, Ulaanbaatar Railways, National Auto transportation center, emergency commissions of several aimags of Mongolia, emergency departments and brigades, Emergency Management School and local emergency management units. 

The Gobi Wolf 2019 international exercise designed to increase disaster preparedness and response in Mongolia is being held under the theme “Local capacity and regional partnership”. The exercise consists of 21 types of training for various scenarios in 4 phases, such as academic training, two-part field training exercise to replicate the demands of a disaster response situation and to test disaster preparedness plan as well as tabletop exercise.

Throughout the exercise, emergency response officers of Mongolia and the US are conducting exercises covering multiple scenarios, including earthquake, chemical accident and train wreck-readiness exercises. For instance, the rescuers would save survivors from a building collapsed during earthquake and will be stimulated with an actual evacuation scenario during the field training in Sainshand soum on September 21. 

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