Selenge aimag to collaborate with Buryatia’s Selenginsky District in sports field

2019-10-15 14:03:04

Selenge /MONTSAME/ Selenge aimag has been collaborating with Khyakhtinsky, Selenginsky and Dzhidinsky Districts of the Republic of Buryatia of the Russian Federation in spheres of education, culture and agriculture. In aims of expanding the traditional cooperation and sharing experiences, a delegation of Selenginsky District of Buryatia paid a visit to Selenge aimag.

Within the visit, Governor of Selenge aimag Sh.Orgil and Governor of Selenginsky District of Buryatia G.Dashiyevich approved a cooperation plan of the two aimags. The delegates of Selenginsky district expressed request to cooperate in physical education and sports fields, mutually studying experiences and having training of horse head fiddle (morin khuur), which is a heritage of Mongolians, in their district.

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