Camel festival to take place in Zavkhan aimag

Art & Culture
2019-11-14 17:52:34

Zavkhan /MONTSAME/ On November 16, ‘Best of the Herd’ camel festival will be organized at the site called Kharganat Khooloi in Mandal bag, Zavkhanmandal soum, Zavkhan aimag with the purpose of improving breeds and quantity of camels in gobi areas of Zavkhan aimag.

During the festival, 12 three- to four-year-old Galba Gobi red and Khana Khets brown camels, that have been certified as the improved breeds of Mongolian camels will be gifted to herders of Aldarkhaan, Durvuljin, Zavkhanmandal, Urgamal, Santmargaz, and Erdenekhairkhan soums of the aimag.

The festival program also features a fair of camel-based products and camel saddles and bits and cultural events such as camel praise poetry event, coaxing ritual for baby camels, and a contest for the couple with the best accessorized camel.

Incidentally, Zavkhan aimag had 7,800 camels as of 2018, of which the most part or 2,000 were in Durvuljin soum.