D.Dolgion becomes Top Model of Goyol-2020 fashion show

Art & Culture
2019-12-02 17:09:20

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Goyol-2020, Mongolia’s biggest fashion show, was organized for 32nd year, closing with the award ceremony at the Central Cultural Palace on November 30.

At the show, 70 models strutted the catwalk, presenting works of national brands ‘G Fashion,’ ‘Zorto Fashion,’ ‘Bajuna,’ ‘Iveel,’ ‘Urangoo Ider,’ ‘UGi Fashion’ as well as others.

Japanese and Belgium designers and winners of Grand Prix awards of previous years’ Goyol fashion show worked as juries.

In the end, bests of the show were awarded. Model D.Dolgion became a Top Model of Goyol-2020 and last year’s Top Model N.Sarnai handed over the award to D.Dolgion.

Moreover, the special prize went to ‘Altjin’ brand. Ms. Bolor of ‘Crystal’ Salon was selected as the best make-up artist, Mr.Erdenebayar of ‘Khos Master’ Salon -- best hairdresser, Ms.Bolormaa -- best designer of evening dress, ‘Ertnii Mongol Khiits’ company -- best designer of national costume, Ms.Unurjargal -- best designer of casual wear, Ms.Saikhantamir -- best female fashion model, Mr.Adiyasuren -- best male fashion model, as well as Ms. Khaliun -- best photo model.