Uvs aimag at risk of dzud disaster

2020-02-18 15:03:44

Uvs/MONTSAME/. With a purpose to assess wintering conditions, an operative team headed by Deputy Prime Minister U.Enkhtuvshin and First Deputy Head of National Emergency Management Agency, Brigadier General G.Ariunbuyan worked in Uvs aimag on February 16-17.

About 60 percent of the aimag’s territory is assessed being at high risk of dzud disaster. The highly risky areas cover Baruunturuun, Zavkhan, Zuungobi, Zuunkhangai, Naranbulag, Undurkhangai, Tarialan, Khovd, Khyargas, Tsagaankhairkhan and Ulaangom soums.

3625 head of livestock has perished in the aimag. In connection with worsening winter situations in animal husbandry, the aimag’s administration distributed 230 tons of hay and 60 tons of fodder to herders at a reduced price.

In the prevention of Covid-19 infection, the aimag’s administration set up a working group responsible for providing citizens with  advice and sustaining quarantine regimes, on which MNT162 million was spent.