Traffic movement data to be collected at entrance and exit points of Ulaanbaatar

2020-02-26 13:30:35

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ It was decided to suspend traffic movement between Ulaanbaatar and 21 from 8 a.m. February 23 to 8 a.m. February 27. Starting from February 27, Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM), which tracks and monitors displacement and population mobility in contexts of emergency, will be deployed at entrance and exit points of Ulaanbaatar.


More specifically, drivers and passengers will be asked where they have come from and where they are heading to at six entrance and exit points starting 8 a.m. February 27 and a digital database will be created with the information collected. 


Doing so will help prevent Covid-19 infections and find those who came into contact with Covid-19 patients in case of the outbreak of the disease in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar city government and IOM Mongolia will jointly deploy the system until March 8 or later depending on the circumstances