Recycling centers and plants marked on map

2020-05-28 14:47:12

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ A study shows that the amount of waste sent to landfills in Mongolia increases by 281 tons every year and Ulaanbaatar alone accounts for 150 tons of it.

One of the goals of the Ulaanbaatar waste management improvement program is to introduce source-separated collection to 30 percent of waste generated by households and businesses in the capital city.

To promote source separation, the Asia Foundation, Public Lab Mongolia, and alumni of the 2020 Environmental Fellowship Program of Zorig Foundation are successfully implementing the UB 3R Open Data project.

Under the environmentally friendly project calling for source-separation of waste, a platform has been introduced to guide people to reverse vending machines, recycling centers, and waste recycling plants or materials recovery facilities.

So far, locations and information about 62 businesses and 36 neighborhoods that separate their waste at source, four companies that produce and supply eco-friendly products, and 21 recyclable collection and recycling facilities have been made available on the platform.

Of the total 1.4 million tons of waste generated in the capital city Ulaanbaatar per year (117 thousand tons per month), 17.8 percent goes to waste recycling plants through 206 recycling centers.