Stamp of the First Bogd Undur Gegeen Zanabazar

2020-06-18 17:48:02

The stamp of the First Bogd Undur Gegeen Zanabazar is being kept at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum as an old valuable historical object.

An unnamed Mongolian craftsman made the brown sandalwood stamp that has brass base and the Three Jewels craved on its handle, together with its box. The copper stamp box is encircled with four silver bands and has a small Mongolian lock.

The 10 cm tall stamp has a 5,2 cm x 5,2 cm base and weighs 275 grams. As for the 11 cm stamp box, it has a 6,3 cm x 6,5 cm base and weighs 370 grams.

The eight-spoked dharmachakra is carved on one side of the stamp’s brass base to symbolize the invincibility of the people of the country, enlightened by the Buddha’s teaching.

 The stamp mark written in square script tells the stamp belongs to the First Bogd Undur Gegeen Zanabazar. 

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