Members of new parliament receive identification cards

2020-06-29 15:14:10

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Today, June 29, 75 candidates who received the most votes in each of 29 constituencies in the 2020 parliamentary election of Mongolia received their identification card of a Member of the State Great Khural from the General Election Commission. A member-elect from Selenge aimag, J.Erdenebat, who was the Prime Minister of Mongolia in 2016-2017, was unable to receive his card in person as he is currently being investigated under custody.

The credentials of the new parliament - State Great Khural will be verified once the new parliament members take an oath at the first plenary session of the parliament, which shall convene before July 24 upon the decree to be issued by the President in accordance with the Law on State Great Khural. It is not known when President Kh.Battulga will set the date of the first session of the newly-established parliament.

As stated in the same law, the parliament session shall be chaired by the oldest member of the parliament until the Speaker of the Parliament is appointed, and the new parliament’s first session is expected to be chaired by a 66-year old Kh.Badelkhan, re-elected from Bayan-Ulgii aimag. 

Furthermore, Chair of the GEC Ch.Sodnomtseren today made a briefing on the manual recanvass or ‘control tally of votes cast’ conducted on 164 polling stations in 12 constituencies during the last weekend.

The preliminary results of the 2020 legislative election held on June 24 suggested that the ruling Mongolian People’s Party gained 62 seats, main opposition Democratic Party won 11 seats, and new coalitions ‘Our Coalition’ and ‘Right Person Electorate Coalition’ each had one seat along with one independent candidate who assumed a seat in the 76-seat parliament.

However, many independent candidates and coalitions that ran for the election made claims on vote fraud and unreliability of voting machines and had sought recounts. President Kh.Battulga also suggested the GEC conduct a recanvass on the results, double-checking the ballots to ensure the accuracy of the results.

As introduced by Mr. Sodnomtseren today, recanvasses have been made on 164 polling stations in Uvurkhangai, Umnugobi, Dornod and Darkhan-Uul aimags and six districts of Ulaanbaatar city, involving 2447 public service officers and 645 observers from political parties, coalitions and independents, requiring additional cost worth MNT 71.3 million. Chair of the GEC Sodnomtseren also commented, “We found no discrepancy between the votes counted in manual recanvass and voting machines.”

The same day, the General Election Commission has submitted the results and report of the country’s 8th legislative election to the Parliament Speaker G.Zandanshatar.

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