Minister of Foreign Affairs holds phone conversation with his Chinese counterpart

2020-07-12 12:34:47

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On July 10, Foreign Minister and State Councilor of the People's Republic of China Wang Yi talked with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia N.Enkhtaivan over the telephone and congratulated the latter on the occasion of the National Naadam Festival of Mongolia and upon assuming the office of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. 

Expressing his gratitude for to his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, Minister N.Enkhtaivan pledged his willingness to continue actively cooperating with China toward the promotion of the comprehensive strategic partnership of Mongolia and China and enriching the relationship with new contents. He further noted the necessity of expanding trade and economic cooperation of Mongolia and China amid the current economic situations of world countries unleashed by the outbreak of COVID-19, particularly the coal trade, and requested support from the Chinese side during the phone conversation.  

For his part, Foreign Minister and State Councilor of China Wang Yi underscored his readiness to closely work together with Mongolia on broadening partnership in all possible areas and to give needed assistance and support to Mongolia while jointly fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, he confirmed that active partnership will be reinforced to revive the trade and economic cooperation, bring forward mutual large-scale infrastructure projects, such as Wastewater Treatment Plant of Ulaanbaatar city and project on Ger district redevelopment project.

Both ministers acknowledged that the Green Gateway plan of action agreed between the two nations will bring great impetus to greatly strengthen the trade and economic cooperation amid COVID-19 pandemic. The ministers also exchanged views on issues concerning international and regional cooperation.