Portrait of the 8th Bogd Jebtsundamba Khutuktu

2020-07-16 15:27:23

The portrait of the 8th Bogd Jebtsundamba Khutuktu painted by renowned representative of the Mongolian art scene, artist Sharav Balduu is currently being kept as a rare historic artifact at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum. The portrait of the Bogd Khan is from the early 20th century, and is one of the first artworks of the artist.


The artist drew the Bogd Khan in the same way as Buddhist deities in the form of Thangka on silk using mineral pigments.


With a golden dorje in his right hand and a prayer bell and dorje in his left hand, the Bogd Khan is depicted sitting cross-legged on the throne, wearing a silk mantle and a luxurious, intricately tailored headgear made with black fox fur.


There are various religious items placed in front of him, while columbine flowers are illustrated on both sides of his shoulders. Two of his disciples are also depicted as representatives of religious followers.


Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the face of Bogd Khan was illustrated by using perspective techniques, while patterns and the rest of the painting was drawn using traditional art techniques.


The fox fur hat with golden dorje on top as well as the mantle he is depicted wearing in the artwork is being kept at the Bogd Khaan Palace Museum even today.

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