There are 238 inheritors of making airag in khokhuur in Mongolia

Art & Culture
2020-08-25 13:50:48

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Since Mongolian traditional technique of making airag in khokhuur and its associated customs were inscribed on the UNSECO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the first festival for airag (fermented mare's milk) took place last weekend in Saikhan soum of Bulgan aimag.

The festival was attended by honorary guests including Minister of Environment and Tourism D.Sarangerel and Ambassador of the United States to Mongolia Michael Klecheski .

During the festival, Minister D.Sarangerel said that I see the festival as the largest tourism event. We are seeking possibilities to boost tourism based on Mongolian customs and traditions, especially dairy products. There are 238 intangible cultural heritage bearers of traditional technique of making airag in khokhuur (cowhide vessel) in Mongolia. And the Airag Festival is of great significance to increase the number of its practitioners and to pass down the technique of preparing and making airag in khokhuur to our younger generation.

“I love airag. Therefore, I will try to make my contribution in promoting airag and making it global brand,” U.S. Ambassador Micheal Klecheski said.

Mongolia set a goal to become the center of sustainable nomadic culture and tourism in its Sustainable Development Vision 2030. And the country is seeking opportunities to develop tradition-based tourism. Five aimags namely Bulgan, Dundgobi, Arkhangai, Uvurkhangai and Tuv are popular with taste of their airag. The Ministry of Environment and Tourism intends to establish largest training center for tourism to conduct training on making airag and to prepare national trainers.