Wheat harvest to fully meet domestic needs

Economy | Agriculture
2020-09-03 16:12:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ As reported at the State Harvest Commission’s meeting on September 3, this year’s wheat harvest will be sufficient to fully cover domestic wheat demand as 487.6 thousand tons of wheat is estimated to be harvested while around 300 thousand tons of wheat is required to produce flour that meets the annual domestic need. 

This year, sowing was made in 536.6 thousand hectares of land in total, of which, wheat in 364 thousand hectares, potatoes in 18.6 thousand hectares, vegetables in 9.6 thousand hectares, oil plants in 61.1 thousand hectares and fodder plants in 52.7 thousand hectares respectively.

According to preliminary estimation, a total of 513.3 thousand tons of crops – 487.6 thousand tons of wheat, 237 thousand tons of potatoes, 113.6 thousand tons of vegetables, 32.8 thousand tons of oil plants and 109.4 thousand tons of fodder plants - will be harvested.

60-70 percent or most of the crops are in the beginning of their final growth stage and harvesting should be possible in 6-10 days if the weather stays fair. However, the crop growth tends to be delayed due to the heavy rains in July and August and the September weather forecast predicts heavy rainfall and sudden temperature drops across agricultural areas. 

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