Coordination for domestic cement market competition to be discussed by cabinet

2020-09-23 17:22:59

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At today’s meeting of the cabinet, Chair of the Cabinet Secretariat L.Oyun-Erdene delivered a presentation on the recent working trip by Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh to Dakhan-uul and Selenge aimags. Concerning the report, the cabinet has given following orders to corresponding cabinet ministers, agencies and local governors, and assigned them to submit proposals and drafts for cabinet discussion once ready. 

- To coordinate the market competition for domestic manufacturing of cement and provide necessary support to cement export. 

- To conduct the selection of a consulting service for Bogdkhan Railway project in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank 

- To intensify expansion and renovation of the 204.11 km long auto road between Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan cities, and settle needed funding for ensuring safety until the re-selection is performed on the sections, of which construction contracts have been withdrawn

- To complete repair and maintenance of roads around the harvesting areas in the nearest future

- To allow only intensive livestock husbandry in agrarian areas

- To tackle issues related to infrastructure investment and other issues of Darkhan Leather Complex project. 

- To integrate Darkhan-Urgoo Polytechnic College and Polytechnic College for Mining and Energy into a Vocational Training Center for Agriculture and Industry. 

- To extend the working period of students who are being mobilized in the harvesting campaign until October 15, 2020 and resolve pressing issues. 

Also, during the session, the cabinet decided to cut nighttime electricity cost in aimag centers, soums and other residential areas with 10,000 inhabitants or more by 100 percent. Previously, the residents in these regions were enjoying 50 percent discount on their nighttime electricity bill. 

The cabinet also approved the geographic coordinate of areas for widespread mineral exploration and exploitation required for the construction of 18.82 km auto road by Ulgii city on the Asian Highway 4 route and a 201-meter concrete bridge.