Legal environment to be upgraded for protection of rights of child in cyberspace

2020-09-30 16:06:01

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Deputy Speaker of the Parliament S.Odontuya received Representative of UNICEF to Mongolia Mr. Alex Heikens on September 30, exchanging views on preventing from crimes against children and upgrading legal environment for protecting children's rights in cyberspace. 

The Parliament approved the Law on Child Protection, the Law on Child Care Services and the Law on Combating Domestic Violence in 2016. Laws and regulations on child protection have been adopted and budget for protection actions have been increased; nevertheless, sufficient results have not been achieved. Especially, there is a necessity to create legal environment for protection of children's rights in cyber environment, MP S.Odontuya emphasized.

She then expressed readiness to cooperate with UNICEF in changing parents’, caregivers’ and public attitude and awareness, introducing international best practices, taking the country’s features into consideration and upgrading legal environment.

UNICEF in Mongolia started assessment of implementation of Child Protection Law. And it is planned to announce the assessment report to public at the end of this year. “Cooperation directions for 2021 and issues on whether to develop an independent law on protection of children's rights in online environment or regulate it making amendments in other laws will become clear with the outcomes of the report,” Mr. Alex Heikens said.

Since violence against child concerns everyone, Mr. Alex Heikens asked the Deputy Speaker to attach attention on increasing financing for child protection and making amendments to relevant laws when the Parliament approves Law on State Budget for 2021.

“The number of domestic violence case against women and children has increased not only in Mongolia also globally amid COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, more attention is being given on building capacity of cybercrime specialists of law enforcement institutes and renewing website and program of child helpline “108”. The Parliament will cooperate with UNICEF in  taking preventive measures and upgrading legal environment to avoid from making children victims of crime further,“ said Ms. S.Odontuya.