“The Woman” being nominated in Fusion International Film Festivals

Art & Culture
2020-10-14 15:55:15

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ “The Woman” by 'Mongol Films Distribution” Company and 'Choi Hainzan Film' has been selected in competition section of Fusion International Film Festivals to be nominated for multi-awards section.

Specifically, the film directed by B.Otgonzorig is being nominated for the following two categories:

B.Otgonzorig for Best Director of a Foreign Language Feature Film

B.Galbadrakh for Best Cinematography in a Foreign Language Film

Furthermore, the film has been selected in “Khangarid” Mongolian film competition section of the 12th Ulaanbaatar International Film Festival and it will be screened just once on October 21 at “Tengis” movie theatre.

The Fusion International Film Festivals has been designed to promote movie culture by bringing together filmmakers and creatives from all over world and offering them a platform in Europe. And the festival is featured as screening the films in European major cities.


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