State Central First Hospital to treat neurological and cardiovascular disorders

2020-10-20 15:20:01

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ B-Plan angiography equipment for diagnosis and treatment of neurological and cardiovascular disorders has been installed and introduced in service at the State Central First Hospital (SCFH). Furthermore, a surgical ward of Neurological Clinical Center was newly opened at the hospital yesterday, October 19.

Due to lack of up-to date equipment in our country’s state hospitals, a large number of citizens used to go to overseas for diagnosis and treatment. But now, the Ministry of Health is working towards creating conditions for reducing the number of people to go to foreign countries for diagnosis and treatment and providing quality medical services in the country. The latest B-Plan angiography equipment that introduced newly in the service is one of the works.  

During the event, Minister of Health T.Munkhsaikhan said “The health care sector has set a goal to decentralize and provide people with the opportunity to receive quality and accessible medical assistance and service from their affiliated hospitals and rural areas. Moreover, conditions have been created for state hospitals to render hospital aid and services using international standard equipment. The imaging equipment is used in time of neurological and cardiovascular emergencies. Therefore, we plan to introduce the apparatus in the Regional Diagnosis and Treatment Centers in the coming year. Within it, we started training human resources. People in rural areas will be able to receive such kind of aid and services in the rural localities from next year. 

Furthermore, by commissioning neurological surgical ward, the hospital has been provided with possibility to render all kinds of neurological and cardiovascular treatment and services besides the State Central Third Hospital.