Red hand stencils found in Mongolia for the first time

Art & Culture
2020-11-05 14:05:11

Gobi-Altai /MONTSAME/ A collection of red hand stencils, the creation and valuable cultural heritage left by the ancestors, has been discovered around the Mongol Altai Nuruu range in Tonkhil soum of Gobi-Altai aimag. The 14 hand stencils date back 30 thousand years.

Director of the Cultural Center of Tonkhil soum T.Batsuuri said, “Scholar G.Akim contacted me four years ago, telling me about the stencils and asking me to contact him if we ever find them. After seeing the cultural heritage from a photo the local university students took while picking berries on the mountain this summer, we began the research on the stencils with G.Akim on October 30. I am glad that red hand stencils that are registered in a few countries have been found from Tonkhil soum.”  

“The details about the discovery will be given to the public only after it has been registered and taken under protection,” he added.

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