Vehicles submerged in Khuvsgul lake to be retrieved

2020-11-25 13:27:00

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In accordance with a survey made by some government organizations, there are more than 50 fuel trucks that have became submerged in deep water of the Khuvsgul Lake in Khuvsgul aimag of Mongolia since the 1950s, and 17 of them were retrieved at that time. 

It is estimated that the submerged vehicles are posing a danger of polluting 0.26 percent of the Khuvsgul Lake water, if their fuel tanks leak. 

The cabinet, at its regular meeting held today, November 25, gave an order to Minister of Environment D.Sarangerel to take necessary steps to retrieve the submerged vehicles in a timely manner, while ensuring that no risks are caused. 

During his working trip to Khuvsgul aimag, Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh had pledged to the local residents that the submerged vehicles would be recovered. 

Funds required for basic study and the recovery will be made available from the government’s contingency fund.