Oirat wrestling apparel

2020-12-30 13:13:49

Uvs /MONTSAME/ The Oirat or Western Mongolian wrestling (bukh noololdoon) trunks (shalbuur) that belonged to Tugjee Ochir, native of Baatar Beis khoshuu, present-day Khyargas soum of Uvs aimag, is kept at the Museum of Uvs aimag. O.Tugjee had the title of Elephant of Aimag (Runner-Up in Aimag Naadam Wrestling). 


There was a unique style called bukh noololdoon in Mongolian wrestling where wrestlers compete by rank in 3 groups each of 10 contestants and score a victory by holding a pin for 9 seconds. The wrestlers wore suede trunks made from sheep or goatskin.


The trunks kept at the aimag museum are hemmed with beef tendon and decorated with bovine leather patterns on the front, bank and two sides. The traditional pattern on the front is edged with yellow cloth. The trunks with leather strings date back to around 1906-1936. 


Museum staff Byambadarj Taya added the apparel to the museum’s collection in 1985.