Webinar on distribution of COVID vaccine takes place

2021-01-11 12:25:03

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. The fourth webinar session of Mongolia India Business Forum 2020-21, held on January 7, was on the benefits application of technologies like Block Chain in the Distribution of COVID19 vaccine. HE Mr. Ambassador M. P Singh of India to Mongolia gave the opening remarks. He shared the steps taken by the Government of India to contain the spread of the pandemic. Supply and distribution of vaccine throughout the country and areas of collaboration between India and Mongolia was also discussed.  

Madame Bolormaa T., President, Intermed Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mr. Surinder Kumar Kalra, Promoting Director Mastercube IoT LLP, specializing in Block Chain, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Society 5.0 were the panelists.

Mr. Mukesh Surana, Founder Nine Real Estate Advocacy LLP and Representative of MIBC in India was the Co-host.

A total of 30 people participated in the webinar.

Mr. Surinder Kumar Kalra took up the theme of the webinar and explained how technologies like Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, IoT, AI and Cold Chain can be used in Supply & Distribution of COVID19 vaccine. How these technologies can help in preventing in delays, spoilage, theft and counterfeit which normally lead up to 30 % of the losses. He also emphasized on the role of the Private Sector in the entire process of Supply, Distribution, Inventory Management, Storage and Inoculation, and the Government of Mongolia should take it up the process in the Public Private Partnership Mode.


Madame Bolormaa gave vital statistics on Mongolian health sector, specially, the number of frontline workers in current COVID19 response (<10000) and important information on implementation of COVID vaccine distribution. Mr. Kalra further offered training of the Front End Staff in Vaccination and Inoculation in Mongolia by the Indian Instructors.

HE Mr. Ambassador M P Singh expressed the importance of this webinar session and possible initiatives on distribution management of COVID19 Vaccine.

The next webinar sessions will be on the 21st of January and 4th of February on Mining and Oil & Gas Sectors respectively.


Source: Mongolia-India Business Council