Ten new cases of COVID-19 detected in Mongolia

2021-01-14 12:55:52

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/.  At today’s press briefing on the COVID-19 situation, Head of Surveillance Department of the National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD) A.Ambaselmaa provided updates on the latest test results.

A total of 15,899 PCR tests have been done nationwide since January 13, and as a result, 10 new positive coronavirus cases have been detected in the country. 

“Nine out of the cases are all close contacts of COVID-19 patients, who were recorded in the 17th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district and Achtan Hospital. The remaining one is a peacekeeper who arrived from Afghanistan. Therefore, the number of locally acquired cases in Mongolia has reached 978, of which 652 were recorded in Ulaanbaatar. No new infections detected in other provinces.”

Today, the total confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country stand at 1479, with 909 recoveries.