Post-pandemic recovery of tourism program to be carried out

2021-01-25 15:50:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ In coming four years, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism plans to focus on recovering tourism industry by reviving tourist flow in a short time after the pandemic. In doing so, it aims to boost tourism based on each regional features, increase jobs in rural areas, improve citizens’ livelihood and reduce adverse impacts on nature and environment caused by tourism.

First of all, a program on post-pandemic recovery in tourism industry will be implemented in partnership with the United Nations World Tourism Organization. And in cooperation with well-known experts, a plan has been developed to introduce international good practices into domestic tourism based on its specialties, said S.Bayasgalan, Head of Tourism Policy and Cooperation Department of the Ministry.


Due to the pandemic, tourists are being afraid of getting infected during their travel. Therefore, it is crucial to keep tourism products and services safe, satisfy requirements as well as to get all tourism entities confirmed with international safe tourism certificate and promote to the market.

After re-opening the country’s border, a project will be realized to boost borderline tourism. Aside from tourists entering through land border checkpoints, tourist flow will be increased with creation of short distance flights. It is also possible to raise the number of tourists to come from other destinations. There are two big tourism clusters to be developed in Mongolia. First one is Altai tourism cluster which covers four countries including Mongolia, Russia, China and Kazakhstan and the second one is Gobi tourism cluster, which includes Gobi region in China, she added.