Implementation of E-Mongolia project to be intensified

2021-02-03 15:19:52

At the outset of the Cabinet meeting convened on February 3, Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene reminded Cabinet members to intensify implementation of E-Mongolia project that aims to eliminate bureaucracy in government services.


The Government of Mongolia is providing over 180 public services to the citizens, entities and organizations through digital platform. In 2021, it intends to increase the online public services to 592 to save time and money of citizens and public organizations.


Furthermore, preparation is underway for the establishment of the Ministry of Digital Development with a view to become digital nation and intensify digital transition. It plans to take complex measures including 'Digitally literate' event to improve digital education, information security and increase web based products and services. 


- On February 2, PM L.Oyun-Erdene held a meeting with representatives of entities and non-government organizations that operate in construction sector. Following the meeting a working group was set up with a purpose to build “Youth I, II, III” complex apartments in Ulaanbaatar city in the first turn and in rural areas at stages. The working group will be responsible for defining proper mechanism and making issues promptly resolved in relation with investment, urban planning, infrastructure and land ownership of the constructions.

- A total of 1,715 people are being placed under isolation at 27 isolation facilities at the national level. Of whom 1,329 are close contacts of local transmission cases and 386 are arrivers on charter flights. 1,900 rooms in 39 hotels are being used as isolation facilities in the capital city.  

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