Science and research-based decision-making system to be established

2021-02-03 16:33:59

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. On February 2, Speaker of the Parliament G.Zandanshatar held an online meeting with representatives of Bank of Mongolia, the State Authority for State Registration, the Communications and Information Technology Authority, the Mongolian Tax Administration and the National Statistics Office.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Speaker noted that the meeting aims to establish a governmental decision-making system based on estimations, evidence and science and instructed to pay attention to create a unified database of government organizations by intensifying the work of the National Statistics Office on ‘Statistics and Government Data’.

He stressed that as the government agencies have different information and separate dababases, some government decisions do not reach the target groups.  For instance, more than 30 percent of people who receive food vouchers were found to have their own cars and the 4.4 percent have livestock.

Afterwards, Chairman of the National Statistics Office B.Batdavaa provided a presentation. Current statistical activities focus on collecting data and building databases according to traditional methods or approved forms. B.Batdavaa said, “It has several disadvantages of being time-consuming, reducing the importance of information, limited ability to process specific results, and being highly dependent on individual factors. Therefore, as a matter of priority we plan to begin the work to consolidate and link the data of ministries and agencies by changing the old style of statistics.”

The creation of a unified database will allow government agencies, researchers, businesses, the media and citizens to obtain accurate information from a single database. It also has the advantage of improving the quality of statistical information, eliminating time lags, and making government decision-making more research-based and streamlined.

Therefore, it was decided to set up a working group consisting of representatives of relevant government agencies to work on this issue.


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