“Mongolian Lamb” to become a name card of Mongolia

2021-04-26 13:58:24

The annual profitability of sheep flock in Mongolia could reach USD 1 billion, which equals ¼ of the government budget and will help promote the economic growth of the country. Each herder household will become able to earn MNT 300 million in a year only with less than 1,000 livestock animals.

To do that, the livestock flock structures must be changed, direct supply of livestock should be ensured and herders need to serve as producers and businesspeople, said L.Odser, head of Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO.

The Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO, established with the aim to address challenges in animal husbandry and herders, pastureland degradation, etc. The non-government organization has introduced the ‘Mongolian Lamb’ brand, naming it as one of the solutions to the problems in the industry.

‘L.Odser, head of Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO’

“Mongolia has been seeking to export meat abroad for the past two or three decades. The only obstacle is livestock diseases.  Mongolians usually consume meat from older animals, as it is suitable for our traditional practice in animal husbandry. Older animals’ immunity declines with age and they exhibit increased susceptibility to diseases.”

“According to the National Statistics Office of Mongolia, Mongolia had 67 million livestock animals as of 2020, of which 30 million were counted to be sheep, including 15 million dams. The remaining 15 million sheep are grazing through pasturelands without yielding any significant benefits. The answer to animal diseases is obvious here – commercializing the young and adolescent sheep before they get old will help to tackle ranges of issues from herders’ social issues, pastureland degradation and achieving the supply of healthy foods.”

“Each whole meat of sheep provided to us by our partner meat producers weighs around 17-23 kilograms. Retailing each of them at the international market price of around USD 10-15, an annual income of USD 1.5-2 billion could be earned per annum. We are confident that our meat could sell since there is demand for pasture-raised eco meat in world countries.”

Despite being just recently launched, the Mongolian Lamb butcher shop, which offers various types of meat, has already become popular among customers who prefer healthy and quality food. Next to the store, the Mongolian Lamb Grill fast food restaurant is also open where visitors can enjoy fresh lamb.

We wish the best of luck to the team of the Chineeleg Malchin Boijuulakh Tuv NGO who is striving to grow into a restaurant chain like KFC, McDonalds, and Starbucks with restaurants across the globe. 

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