Erdenet Mining Corporation to establish a metallurgy-chemical plant complex

2021-05-06 12:05:38

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A metallurgy-chemical plant complex will be established in Bayan-Undur soum, Orkhon aimag. The operation permit for the industrial and technology park was given to Erdenet Mining Corporation at the cabinet meeting that took place on May 5.

Erdenet Mining Corporation will be establishing a factory for smelting and processing copper concentrate, processing oxidized ore, and manufacturing sulfuric acid and emulsion explosion as well as repairs and mechanical processes with financing of MNT 1.8 trillion. 

By putting the industrial park into operation, it will become possible for:

- ‘Erdenetiin Ovoo’ strategic deposit to be fully utilized and put into economic circulation,

- the competitive factory to be developed as a cluster based on advanced technology, 

- final products to be manufactured and supplied to the market,  

- the conditions to be created for other corresponding factories to be established at the same location, 

- Erdenet city to develop independently,

- state and local budget income to increase, 

- about 1,000 job opportunities to be created locally as starters.

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