Voting gets underway for 2021 presidential election

2021-06-09 11:56:23

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Polling stations opened today at 7 AM and voting is underway across the country.

According to the General Election Commission, there are a total of 2,151,329 eligible voters registered to vote for the 2021 presidential election, with 110,773 people marked as "absent/ineligible". It refers to citizens who have been declared legally incompetent by a court or who have traveled abroad for 60 days or more. Polls in the election are open until 10 PM today, and a 100 percent manual count will be conducted in all 2,087 polling stations.

The 25,619 voters who were unable to visit the polling station by themselves cast their vote through sealed mobile ballot boxes yesterday and the ballot papers have been put into the voting machines as the polls opened.

Mongolian nationals residing in foreign countries cast their vote on May 30-31 at the 44 diplomatic missions of Mongolia in 30 countries around the world. A total of 7,394 were registered in advance to vote for the election and 76 percent of them or 5,618 people cast their votes.

The presidential election has a tradition of being observed by independent observers and publicly reported to the world. 43 observers from foreign and international organizations and 40 journalists from media outlets have registered to observe the election.

For the presidential election, the candidate winning more than 50 percent of the votes cast is awarded the contested seat. If no candidate secures a majority in the first round of the election, another round will be organized with two candidates with the most votes. With latest amendments to the Constitution of Mongolia made in December 2019, the new president will be appointed for a single six-year term, instead of the renewable four-year term. 


The 2021 Presidential Election of Mongolia is being organized within the framework of the Government's temporary regulation on prevention of COVID-19.

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