20 Mongolian judokas to compete in Abu Dhabi Grand Slam

2021-11-10 15:12:37

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Abu Dhabi Grand Slam will take place in Abu Dhabi, UAE on November 26-28 and 20 athletes of Mongolian National Judo Team are currently preparing to compete in this tournament.


The men’s team consists of 10 athletes namely, B.Sukhbat and E.Sumiyabazar in 60 kg, G.Sod-Erdene and Yo.Baskhuu in 66 kg, G.Odbayar and Ts.Tsogtbaatar in 73 kg, G.Bolor-Ochir and B.Batbold in 81 kg and O.Tsetsentsengel and S.Bat-Orshikh in +100 kg.


As for the female athletes, the team will consist of B.Khorloodoi and G.Gantsetseg in 52 kg, L.Enkhriilen and B.Altantsetseg in 57 kg, S.Lkhagvadulam and B.Bayarjargal in 63 kg, M.Davaasuren and S.Enkhchimeg in 70 kg, B.Erdenet-Od in -78 kg and A.Adiyasuren in +78 kg.

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