Changes to be made to the first route of cable car transport

2021-11-30 16:52:30

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On November 29, Capital City Road and Transport Projects Manager B.Odsuren introduced works being carried out to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city during a press conference..

Noting that research, blueprints, feasibility studies, and consultations are taking place in phases to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city, he emphasized that the blueprints have been developed for the construction of new primary and secondary roads at a total of 90 locations in the city. Furthermore, necessary preparations are planned to be carried out for light rail transit (LRT), parking lots, new pedestrian roads and bike paths. This includes infrastructure, green space, and flood protection dams, highlighted the capital city official.



Regarding the introduction of cable cars in the capital city, he said, “A working group was established by the government, which convened three times so far. Its first route is planned to be established between Bayankhoshuu and the III microdistrict. As some households in the area have refused to allow such structure to be built on their land, the team has made a conclusion to change the route, taking into account other potential risks.”

The cable car project is being financed through a soft loan being provided from the Government of the Republic of France. “In order to increase the project’s benefits and profits, we are making appropriate changes to the route. We will introduce the matter in greater detail in the coming year,” he said. 


As for what other measures are being planned with MNT 420 billion allocated for reducing traffic congestion in the capital city, project and program advisor to the Governor of the Capital City Ch.Batzorig noted " In the next three years MNT420 billion will be spent annually for reducing traffic congestion, according to the Government resolution N146. A total of 42 projects, including road, road facilities, bridges and LRT will be financed with the budget. 500 buses will be renewed in 2022 through public-private partnership.