History in Yuan Dynasty first shown in ‘Khutulun Princess’ film

Art & Culture
2021-12-27 16:37:41

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. A Mongolian film "Khutulun Princess-In search for the Golden Sutra", co-production between the ‘Shuuder’ production and Voo broadcasting and media production company has released in theaters from December 3.


The film, which is special with the storyline shows Yuan dynasty for the first time, is based on the historical novel ‘Khotol Tsagaan Gunj’ written by author B.Shuudertsetseg. ‘Khutulun Princess’ film is an epic war work depicting difficult path to retrieving the Golden Book, the idol of Kaidu Khan, ambush, and enemy's attacks, powerful heroes, magical world and silver-horned deer and so on.


Preparation of the ‘Khutulun Princess’ film project was made between 2015-2020, and the shooting took place over the past three seasons since last summer, covering nine locations in four aimags.


Actress and model M.Tserendolgor, a graduate of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts in Moscow, played the film’s main character Princess Khutulun who lived during Yuan Dynasty, and actor B.Battogtokh played the role of her loved one Abatai.


The authors of the film are B.Shuudertsetseg, D.Boldkhuyag, director - S.Baasanjargal, cinematographer - G.Bat-Ireedui, stage designer- N.Batjargal, martial art cameraman - Laki, fight choreographer - Aska, make-up artist- B.Erdenechimeg, drone cameramen - P.Dolgion and B.Enkhtur.