Judo athletes Tsogtbaatar and Baskhuu ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively

2022-02-24 17:08:21

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Following the Tel Aviv Grand Slam 22, the International Judo Federation (IJF) has updated its rankings.

Mongolia’s national judo team members currently have the following rankings:

• In the men’s 60 kg: E.Sumiyabazar ranks 27th with 1,510 points, E.Ariunbold ranks 33rd with 1,120 points, and L.Unubold ranks 35th with 1,014 points, 

• In the men’s 66 kg: Yo.Baskhuu ranks 3rd with 4,066 points, G.Kherlen ranks 17th with 1,909 points,

• In the men’s 73 kg: Ts.Tsogtbaatar ranks 2nd with 4,994 points, G.Odbayar ranks 57th with 639 points,

• In the men’s 81 kg: Saeid Mollaei ranks 6th with 3,294 points, G.Bolor-Ochir ranks 43rd with 830 points,

• In the men’s 90 kg: G.Altanbagana ranks 19th with 1,894 points, G.Puntsagtseren ranks 106th with 171 points, 

• In the men’s -100 kg: B.Gonchigsuren ranks 27th with 1,175 points, L.Otgonbaatar ranks 28th with 1,112 points,

• In the men’s +100 kg: O.Tsetsentsengel ranks 7th with 2,895 points, E.Munkhjargal ranks 73rd with 260 points, 

• In the women’s 48 kg: M.Urantsetseg ranks 3rd with 4,550 points,

• In the women’s 52 kg: B.Khorloodoi ranks 12th with 2,499 points,

• In the women’s 57 kg: L.Enkhriilen ranks 22nd with 1,640 points,

• In the women’s 63 kg: B.Gankhaich ranks 12th with 2,092 points,

• In the women’s +78 kg: A.Adiyasuren ranks 19th with 2,035 points.

Most recently, the national team of athletes competed in three events of the IJF World Judo Tour.