‘The Wind players’

Art & Culture
2022-06-17 17:07:54

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. S. Zayasaikhan, а unique figure of Mongolian contemporary arts, is a remarkable artist, who promotes the country’s culture, traditions and history to the world. His next solo exhibition titled ‘The Wind players’ was displayed at the Zanabazar Fine Arts Museum.

Each of the paintings in the exhibition has its own unique features and different characteristics. In addition, this represents a creative search and comprehensive ideas of the artist, linking historical time periods as a whole with modern development.

At the age of 15, artist S. Zayasaikhan decided to become a monk and studied Buddhism for two years. During that time, his heart and mind were completely drawn to painting, and he realized his interests and passion were painting. In 1997, he enrolled in the faculty of Mongolian painting at the Mongolian State University of Art and Culture. However, S. Zayasaikhan continued to take the view that every person does not need to attend class in order to become an artist. His father, Sambuu, was a great artist, so he wanted to paint like his father. One day, S. Zayasaikhan painted the portrait of White Tara all night diligently. In the morning, seeing the picture, his father said: "My son has become an artist", and he still remembers these words.

S.Zayasaikhan's works may be impressionism with its colorful form, but they also contain metaphorical expressions of a specific period of the history combined with contemporary social issues.

The background color of the exhibition is dark blue. A lot of meaning might be hidden in his pieces, such as the relationship between man and nature, social lifestyle, human behavior, space of imagination, nostalgia and traces of history.