Cooperation with ADB to ensure sustainable food supply and security

2022-07-08 09:49:02

Ulaanbaatar/MONTSAME/. Mr. S. Narantsogt, the Vice Minister of Economy and Development, met with ADB representatives led by Mr. Thomas Panella, Director of Environment, Natural Resources & Agriculture Division of the East Asia Department, and Mr. Pavit Ramachandran, Country Director to discuss comprehensive approaches to solve the problems for ensuring stable food supply and security and coordinate the implementation of some agricultural sector’s projects in this direction.

Parties agreed to explore the further possibility of cooperation within ADB’s technical assistance on developing a national system for monitoring, tracking, and managing food supply and safety based on the existing IT infrastructure of the Government and improving the relevant legal framework.

In order to improve food supply and security, it is important to ensure the coordination of participants from all sectors, not just the agriculture sector, and there is a need to increase the participation of the private sector. Therefore, it was agreed to jointly organize consultation meetings and events in this field in October this year.

They also exchanged views on organizing the preparatory meeting in October in Mongolia before UN Climate Change Conference which is going to be held in November 2022. At the preparatory meeting, subjects on forest management, renewable energy, and green development are planned to be discussed at an international level.


Source: Ministry of Economy and Development