The ‘Ulsiin Ekh Dagina’ exhibition is open to the public

Art & Culture
2022-09-22 13:25:08

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. An exhibition ‘Ulsiin Ekh Dagina’ is running in the exhibition hall of the Bogd Khan Palace Museum until September 25.

Precious and luxurious works created by the artisans of the ‘Sangai’ aimag, which was established and managed by Queen Consort Dondogdulam, as well as items worn and used by the queen were displayed in this exhibition.

Dondogdulam was an educated woman at that time, who knew Mongolian and Tibetan literacies. Moreover, the Queen Consort used her seal to solve cases under her power. More than 120 people, including embroiderers, sculptors, painters, blacksmiths, tailors, and cobblers of Sangai aimag were under her leadership sewing ceremonial clothes, creating idols using many techniques such as molding, embossing, Tanka painting, and applique.

It is believed in Buddhism that the king of Zagarwardi possesses the seven precious emblems of royalty by the virtue of his great deeds to rule his kingdom easily and without obstruction. According to the tradition of Khaans, VIII Bogd Jabzundamba possessed seven precious emblems of royalty testifying him to get enthroned to State Khaan from a religious leader. The third article of royalty is the consort of the monarch or the precious queen.

The Queen Consort Dondogdulam was born in 1874 to the family of Tsend in Khuvch Tsanligdorj Khoshuu of Setsen Khan aimag. The Queen Consort Dondogdulam received a gold tribute three times from the government, recognizing her as the Mongolian State Queen Consort in the three countries; Mongolia, China, and Russia.

In 1902, after receiving the title of ‘Tsagaan Dara Noyon’ from the Qing Dynasty, her role as an Ekh Dagina activated and established her aimag called Sangai in addition to the 28 aimags of the Ikh Khuree. This aimag became the first independent art county that has 120 artisans and craftswomen who made ceremonial crafts.