All types of cares and services for cervical cancer to be covered by Health Insurance

2022-10-14 16:11:42

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Citizens can obtain cervical cancer care and services from more than 30 public and private hospitals with contracts with the Health Insurance General Office, such as National Cancer Center, Central Military Hospital, Songdo, and Second State Central Hospital.


If hospitals under contract with the Health Insurance Office charge additional fees from citizens, they can report it to the "Customer Contact Center" at 1800-1363.


Resolution No. 01 of 2022 of the National Council of Health Insurance stipulates that Health Insurance will cover 100 percent of the cost of all types of cancer care and services. Within the framework of this resolution, health insurance finances MNT 628,000 for drug treatment of this illness and MNT 3,043,000-4,526,000 for surgical care services depending on the surgical equipment and complications.

As a result, as of last August, 172 insured persons participated in cervical cancer care and services and improved their quality of life. Health Insurance Office provided MNT 362 million to the Health Organizations to pay for their treatment.

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