Ground-breaking ceremony held for Museum of Tonyukuk the Wise

2022-11-02 16:18:05

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. In 2018, an agreement was signed for the establishment of the Museum of Tonyukuk the Wise as part of the Development Cooperation Agreement between the governments of Mongolia and the Republic of Turkiye.

In accordance with the agreement, on November 2, a ground-breaking ceremony was held for the museum which will be built with a grant of USD 6.2 million from the government of Turkiye. The ceremony was attended by Minister of Culture of Mongolia Ch. Nomin, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkiye Mehmet Ersoy, President of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) Serkan Kayalar, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkiye to Mongolia Zafer Ates and other corresponding officials.

It is planned to build the museum on an area of 20 hectares within the 65.58 km2 protection zone of the memorial complex of Tonyukuk the Wise in the territory of Nalaikh District, Ulaanbaatar. A general plan for the construction of the museum, its accompanying buildings, a commercial service area, and a recreation area was developed.

As part of the cooperation agreement between the former Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science and TIKA, a project has been launched in 1994 to preserve, protect and restore the heritages of Turkic Khaganate in the territory of Mongolia.

Minister of Culture Ch. Nomin said, “In order to preserve and maintain cultural heritages, promote history and culture, and pass them on to future generations, the Mongolian government is carrying out a number of significant construction projects. The Ministry of Culture is developing a strategy to boost the economic impact of these programs. It should be mentioned that the establishment of the Museum of Tonyukuk the Wise in the Nalaikh district of the capital city is directly tied to the policy goals of protecting and preserving cultural heritage and promoting economic growth. In addition, the importance of the project is further enhanced by the fact that it creates a good experience for the development of other valuable cultural heritage preserved in every corner of Mongolia according to this standard.

Born of the Ashina noble family from which most powerful aristocrats and noblemen of the Turkic Khaganate originated, Tonyukuk the Wise lived between the years of 646 to 732. After serving as an advisor for Qapaghan Khan and Kutulug Khan, he continued to work under Bilge Khan until his death at the age of 86. The Turkic Khaganate (or the Gokturk Khaganate) was a ruling Empire in Central Asia in 552-745.