Ulaanbaatar Railway Run its First Export Freight Train

2022-12-10 19:28:49

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. The freight train starts transporting export goods and products to China on December 9. The train which brought import goods departed to deliver export goods to China.

The ceremony of this first export train departure was held at the Central Station of Ulaanbaatar Railway, where the leadership of the Ulaanbaatar Railway (UB Railway) JVC participated and sent off the machinists of the export train. The first vice chief officer of the UB Railway JVC, I. V. Milostnykh, who participated in the ceremony, emphasized that this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Transportation Control Department of the UB Railway and said naming today’s export train after the anniversary.


The head of the Transport Control Department of UB Railway, M. Tsogt, explained the cause of the first convoy of the export train. He stated that 95 percent of the containers loaded with imported goods from China were returned empty. Therefore, the two sides had several discussions on the issue for quite a long time and agreed to send back the containers with export goods. In this regard, all the empty train containers were collected in one of the terminals of the logistics center of Amgalan railway station in Ulaanbaatar to be loaded with the export goods. 

Eventually, 4-5 trains per month, each with at least 50 wagons and containers, will transport value-added agricultural export products and mining and mineral resources.

The new export train weighs 3,440 tons of 70 containers and 70 wagons loaded with agricultural products such as wool, oleo oil, pine nuts, bran, and rapeseed. As a result, MNT 57.3 million was earned from one train, export freight transportation was increased 2.4 times, and the freight profit of the railways was increased. The uniqueness of this export train is that it supports our country’s manufacturers and entrepreneurs, according to UB Railway JVC’s management.


The head of the Transport Control Department of UB Railway, M. Tsogt, also stated that export trains with containers loaded with goods and products from our country would be sent once a week. He highlighted that at the same time, our country is starting a new transport by sending an export train to the southern neighbor and handing over the 2022nd freight train passing through our country from the People’s Republic of China to the Russian Federation at the Sukhbaatar railway station.


UB Railway has been increasing the number of freight express trains passing through Mongolia in recent years. Specifically, UB Railway operated 75 transit freight trains in 2015. More than 2,000 transit freight trains have been running since 2020 to stabilize transit traffic. 


Moreover, he said that the payments for transit transportation passing through countries are made in foreign currency and are highly profitable, contributing to our country’s foreign exchange reserves to a certain extent.

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